Sound, lighting, studio, video

At the service of your artistic and event projects

Passionate about the event business, we offer services and partnerships in the fields of live sound, installation, lighting, studio recording, video broadcasting.


Music bands, conferences, events, we provide live sound in any place. With professional quality equipment, reliable and competent partners, we are able to meet any request from simple technical support to the complete management of your event. Broadcast control room with installation, front mixing, broadcast mixing, stage control room with installation, mixing returns, multi-stakeholder coordination, these are all jobs that we have mastered to accompany you in your projects.

Thanks to more than 15 years of experience, we have a particular competence on complex sites with strong reverberation (churches, cathedrals).


Thanks to our know-how transmitted over several generations of enthusiasts, we are able to offer fixed sound systems adapted to any type of place and particularly complex places to sound such as places of worship (churches, cathedrals) in which the particularities of worship must be taken into account:

  • Multiple Stakeholders
  • Operation by low-skilled personnel
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatility of uses (speech, recorded music, amplified music, ceremonies, concerts)


Thanks to our know-how, our expertise and our partners, we accompany you on all your personal or professional projects of studio but also live recording. Thanks to our partners, but also to our mobility, we are extremely flexible to accompany you from the capture to the mastering through the arrangement and mixing.

You benefit from any expertise to sublimate your live performances by carrying out all the live capture of your events with professional post-production techniques and tools.


Benefiting from a solid equipment and competent partners, we also accompany you on the lighting of your events. From simple architectural lighting to complex dynamic light shows for concerts, we have all the tools, skills and partners to carry out your projects.

Tools : DasLight, CueLux, Lightkey, LightRider

Broadcast vidéo

You want to broadcast your event live on a streaming platform? We have all the necessary equipment for multipoint capture and mobile camera to retranscribe all the dynamics of your live event to your audience. We ensure the video and sound capture as well as the mixing in real time and we also take care of the whole network part (mobile Internet connection).


Weddings, events

From the ceremony to the animation of the evening, we take care of all the technical devices necessary for the sound, video and lighting diffusion. Professionalism, adaptability, excellence are the watchwords to accompany you and allow you to fully and serenely enjoy this very special moment.